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's Internet Representation Project is new and experimental. It is designed to allow private attorneys the opportunity to assist in addressing the needs of those with limited means. Input on your experience is necessary to help us evaluate and improve the project. Please email your comments to:

The following questions will help us learn how best to improve access to this service. They will tell us how easy or hard it is to use this service and what we need to concentrate on to make it better. They will also help us find out how usefull this service is.

What county do you live in?

Where did you learn about the web site?

Where do you go to access the internet?

What grade have you achieved? (grades 1-12, College 13-?)

How much experience do you have with computers?

How much experience do you have with the internet?

Was it easy or hard to navigate the web site?

Was it easy or hard to read the web pages?

Was it easy or hard to use the "eligibility" section?

Was it easy or hard to use the "ask a question" section?

Was it easy or hard to use the "get your answer" section?

What is the nature of your legal problem? (example: will, divorce, etc.)

Did you find the answer to your problem?

Did you learn what steps you need to take to solve your problem?

Do you know where to go to take those next steps?

Finally, please indicate anything else you want to give us feedback on. Positive and negative responces are welcome. Anything you can tell us about this program will be appreciated.

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